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1-on-1 Meetings

1-on-1 templates that will foster positive work relationships, set expectations, and help your direct reports be more productive.

First 1-on-1 with a New Employee

Get off to a great start with a new employee by using these questions during your first 1-on-1.

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G.O.O.D 1-on-1

Host great 1-on-1s using this template which highlights goals, obstacles, opportunities, and decisions.

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Check-in 1-on-1

Having effective check-in meetings with your direct reorts will keep you up to date on all important topics including challenges, learnings, and feedback.

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One-on-One with your Manager

Before your next 1-on-1 meeting, impress your boss with your preparation skills by using this template to help prepare topics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a 1-on-1 meeting template?

A 1-on-1 agenda template provides an outline of what should be added before the meeting. Direct reports and managers know what types of things they need to add in advance of the meeting which can help reduce some pre-meeting stress. Templates can also provide inspiration and prompt meaningful discussions that might not have happened otherwise.

How do I prepare for a 1-on-1 meeting?

Before your 1-on-1 meeting, think about the topics that you’d like to discuss with your manager or direct report and add them as talking points in the meeting agenda. Using a template will help you divide the conversation into different themes, as well as remember different 1-on-1 best practices, such as discussing priorities and professional growth.

What makes a good 1-on-1 meeting agenda?

1-on-1 agendas vary depending on the person. Some people like to have structured conversations (with different topics as the headings), while other direct reports prefer to have a simple note outlining a section for themselves and a section for their manager’s talking points. The most important part about 1-on-1s is that these meetings are leveraged as an opportunity to build trust and discuss growth opportunities.

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