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Project Check-In Meeting Template

Use this project check-in template as a guideline to discuss progress on project goals and deliverables.

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What’s inside this Project Check-In Meeting Template:

Ask members of the project team to populate the updates and roadblocks sections of the agenda before your meeting. This will ensure that everyone shows up prepared to have a productive conversation.

1 Updates

Discuss the overall status of the project and progress on individual objectives.

  • How does everyone feel about the project so far?
  • Are we on track to meet our deadlines?

2 Roadblocks

As a project manager or team lead, it’s important to ask questions such as:

  • What is preventing you from completing your tasks?
  • Do you need support from anyone on the team?
  • What can I do to help the project move forward?
  • What challenges and/or problems have you encountered since we last met?

3 Action Items

Document the action items and next steps that came out of the project check-in, and (most importantly): who is directly responsible for each task.

Remember that project check-ins are an important part of making sure that projects come to completion! Use this template in Fellow to keep your team accountable and foster an environment of collaboration.

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