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Planning Meetings

Templates to plan your week, year, and everything in between. Gain a clear sense of the steps necessary to finish any project.

SWOT Analysis

Use this template to examine your company's internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process used to define goals and the steps required to accomplish them. Use this template to align the goals of a team or department with the company at large.

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Brainstorming Meeting

Promote collaboration and innovation with this brainstorming meeting template

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Ansoff Matrix

This Ansoff Matrix (also called the Product/Market Expansion Grid) can used to analyze and plan your companies growth strategies

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Fellow help me have an efficient planning meeting?

The first step to an efficient and productive planning meeting is to start with an agenda. Fellow makes it easy to create an agenda using on of agenda templates, or by creating one of your own. From there, Fellow prompts meeting attendees to prepare for the upcoming meeting and collaborate on what to talk about. During the meeting, check off points as they get discussed, add notes to have a central source of truth, and document action items and next steps. This way, everyone leaves the meeting on the same page.

Why use a meeting template for your planning meetings?

Agenda templates for planning meetings will ensure the most important and relevant things are discussed at every meeting. Saving and reusing the same template will build the habit of meeting preparation across your team, and everyone will know exactly what needs to be prepared.

What are the main items to include in a planning meeting agenda?

Effective planning meetings often include background information, brainstorming, prioritization and end with clear action items.

  • “I spend my days in a lot of meetings and work with various teams across the company. Fellow is a great tool to stay organized and follow up on the action items that inevitably come out of every meeting. It’s been a game-changer for our team.”

    John Gleeson

    VP of Customer Success
    John Gleeson

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